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Bienvenidos al Valle de Taos
Welcome to the Communities of Taos Valley

Taos Valley Acequia Association invites you to learn about our beautiful tradition of Community Acequias.

Why are you Important!

As a parciante, or surface water right holder, you are an essential steward of the lands, waters and communities that make Taos’ valleys abundant.  Your property is part of the centuries-old system of water sharing, community building, cultural preservation, and ecological health of our valleys. Through our collective effort, this system can maintain the resilience of our communities and valleys for future generations.  

Acequia Parciante Responsibilities

Verify your surface water right. All water rights are accounted for with New Mexico's Office of the State Engineer.  Your water right should have been verified and transferred by your title company at the time of closing, but this does not always happen. The Taos Valley Acequia Association can support you through the process of obtaining a file number and completing the Change of Ownership of Water Right Form.  This service is provided to the public for a fee based on hours invested by staff.

Pay your annual water right dues. Your dues cover the cost of supporting the Mayordomo, as well as the work related to maintaining the acequia. If your dues are not paid in full, you may not be allowed to use the water. Your dues are paid directly to your ditch commission or mayordomo. Specifics on when and how to pay your dues are typically written into your acequia's bylaws. 

Participate in the limpia, or the annual ditch cleaning. You can go yourself or send a peon, or helper, to complete your cleaning obligations to the  acequia. If you do not clean or send someone in your place you may be required to pay a cleaning fee. Typically, every acequiero/a cleans their own venita/lindero, the lateral ditch that goes directly to their property.

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