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Rio Lucero Visita

Commissions and parciantes of Rio Lucero acequias were invited to speak about their major acequia concerns.

The TVAA Leadership & Education Committee organized a Visita for the Rio Lucero acequias on Sunday, November 9. It took place from 2:00 to 4:30 PM at the Quail Ridge Inn.

Tea, lemonade, water, biscochitos and apple slices were served. Maps were posted, and a table set out with TVAA information and a comment box. Once again Jim Killingsworth graciously provided guitar music. During the break Gabe, Olivia, John, Yolanda, and Christine performed a lively, evolving version of their Teatro Acequiero skit.

Approximately 16 people attended including commissioners from El Prado and Las Colonias.

Concerns and Opportunities for Change

Parciantes noted the following concerns:

  1. Difficulty of access to acequias and headgates on tribal lands.

  2. The need to update changing membership lists

  3. Loss of water rights through transfer or abandonment

  4. Delincuencas

  5. Youth needed

  6. More participation needed

  7. Equipment need

  8. Beaver dams

  9. Revising bylaws

  10. Easement enforcement

  11. Infrastructure damage and repair

  12. Need for profitable cash crops

  13. Flood damage & septic tanks

  14. Invasive species

  15. Field maintenance

  16. Illegal ponds, gravel pits

  17. Willows choke creek

  18. Sobrante waters difficult to receive

The following ideas and suggestions emerged as opportunities for action:

  • Proper record keeping; budget reports

  • Need for education, assistance, workshops

  • Water banking

  • Possible marketable crops (hops, barley, hemp, amaranth)

  • Internships for youth

  • Abandonment and footprints


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